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Upcoming and Past Performances and Workshops:


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3/9/18 Kenwood Elementary School
3/6/18 Vadnais Heights Elementary School
3/4/18 CAAM Anniversary Banquet
2/24/18 Malaysian Student Union, U of MN
2/23/18 Richard Green Central Elementary School
2/23/18 Yinghua Academy
2/23/18 St. Paul Academy
2/22/18 Hamline University
2/18/18- 12:30pm Mall of America (Sear's Court, Free to the public)
2/17/18-evening Chinese American Student Association, U of MN (free to the public, Coffman Student Union)
2/17/18-5pm Private Party, Plymouth, MN
2/17/18- 3pm Chinese New Year Community Event. St. Paul Student Center U of MN
2/17/18 CAAM Chinese Language School
2/16/18 Best Buy Headquarters
2/9/18-6:30pm Midtown Global Market (open to public, free event)
1/19/18 Chinese New Years Celebration, Lafayette Club, Minnetonka
9/21/17 MN Asian Lawyer Bar Association, Loew's Hotel
9/17/17 Richfield Open Streets Festival
9/16/17 85th Birthday Celebration, Richfield, MN
7/15/17 Open House, New Richmond, WI
7/15/17 Burnsville International Festival
6/24/17 MN Orchestra Symphony Ball Gala
6/2/17 Graduation Party, Woodbury, MN
5/26/17 3M Asian Heritage Month
5/20/17 Wedding Ames, Iowa
4/20/17 Vadnais Heights Elementary School Asian night
2/18/17 ~ 11am Hsiao Senior Home Richfield, MN
2/10/17 ~12:10pm Yinghua Academy
2/10/17 ~ 9am St. Paul Academy
2/4/17 ~ 7:30pm Chinese American Student Association U of MN
2/4/17 ~ 5:30pm Plymouth Private Party
2/4/17 ~ 2:15pm St. Paul Student Center U of MN
2/3/17 ~ 7:45pm Xinxing Academy
1/28/17 ~ 12 midnight 7Sushi
1/28/17 ~ 9am CAAM Chinese Language School
1/27/17 ~ 12 noon Best Buy Headquarters
1/20/17 @ 6:45pm Midtown Global Market
9/18/16 @ 1pm Penn Fest, Open Streets
7/9/16 Midtown Global Market, 10th anniversary celebration
7/9/16 Bar Mitzvah, Bayview event center, Excelsior, MN
7/3/16 Wedding, Minneapolis Golf Club
4/10/16  Passage to China, Mall of America
2/27/16 Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington
2/20/16 Chinese New Year Event, St. Paul Student Center
2/19/16 Shaw-Lundquist, U Garden, MN
2/17/16 Hamline University
2/13/16 Plymouth Chinese New Year Party
2/12/16 Lafayette Club Minnetonka
2/12/16 Highland Park Elementary
2/12/16 Yinghua Academy
2/11/16 3M Center, St. Paul, MN
2/11/16 St. Paul Academy
2/8/16 Target Corp., Mpls., MN
2/6/16 Boom Island Brewery, Mpls., MN
2/6/16 CAAM Chinese Language School
2/5/16 Midtown Global Market
1/30/16 7 sushi, Multimedia Graphics
1/30/16 Chinese American Student Union (CASA) U of MN
1/28/16 Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) Great Hall, St. Paul, MN
10/16/15 American Student Union, U of MN
10/3/15 Marriott, Wedding, Brooklyn Park, MN
8/29/15 Wedding, Burnsville, MN
August through October 2015 Dance Workshop and Performance
Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA
7/25/15 Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Mpls., MN
7/12/15 Dragon Festival, Lake Phalen, MN
7/11/15 Worthington Festival, MN
6/21/15 Spring Forest Qi gong Conference, Earle Brown Heritage Center
6/6/15 Wedding, Radisson Blu, Mall of America, MN
4/24/15 Brainerd Central Lakes College, MN
3/21/15 Shaw-Lundquist Chinese New Year Banquet, MN
3/15/15 Passage to China, Mall of America, MN
3/6/15 Elizabeth Hall Elementary, MN
2/28/15 Hamline University, MN
2/27/15 Yinghua Academy, MN
2/25/15 3M, MN
2/22/15 General Mills, MN
2/21/15 CASA New Years, U of MN
2/20/15- 6pm Bear Path Country Club, Eden Prairie, MN
2/19/15 St. Paul Academy, St. Paul, MN
2/15/15 Lion Dance Competition, Edina, MN
2/14/15 CAAM Chinese Language School, MN
2/7/15 Chinese New Year Event
St. Paul Student Center, U of MN, St. Paul, MN
2/7/15 Xinxing Academy, Hopkins, MN
2/6/15 Normandale Hills Elementary, Bloomington, MN
1/24/15 Wedding, Stillwater, MN
12/29/14 Brimhall Elementary School, Roseville, MN
11/1/14-evening Wedding, Golden Valley, MN
9/7/14-3:15pm Macalester College, MN
8/31/14-evening Wedding, St. Paul, MN
7/30/14 Shakopee International Festival
7/13/14 Dragon Festival, St. Paul, MN
Open to Public
7/12/14 Burnsville International Festival, MN
6/14/14 World Refugee Day
4/5/14-8:30am WCCO-Passage to China preview on TV
4/6/14- 12pm Passage to China, Mall of America
Open to public
2/26/14- evening Shaw-Lundquist Celebration
2/21/14- 10am St. Paul Academy, MN
2/14/14- ~1:10pm Hudson High School, WI
2/9/14- 6:30pm Restaurant Table 65, New Richmond, WI
2/9/14- 2pm Asian Pacific American Coalition, Hamline University, MN
2/8/14 Fair and Square Remodeling Company, St. Louis Park, MN
2/1/14-3:30pm St. Paul Student Center Chinese New Celebration
2/1/14 Chinese New Years- private party, Plymouth, MN
2/1/14 Boom Island Brewing Company
1/31/14 Yinghua Academy
1/31/14- ~6:30pm Midtown Global Market, Mpls., MN
Free performance to public
1/25/14 CAAM Chinese Language School, St. Paul, MN
1/17/14 Hiawatha Leadership Academy
1/16/14-evening WPO/YPO, Westin Hotel, Edina, MN
8/25/13 85th Birthday celebration- Little Szechuan
7/14/13-12pm Dragon Festival, Lake Phalen, MN
4/14/13 ~12pm Mall of America-Passage to China event (free to public)
4/5/13 @ 6:30pm Huaxia Chinese Center event at North Heights Luthern Church, Roseville, MN
2/24/13 ~ 2:20pm Hamline University Chinese Law and Society
Anderson Center
2/23/13 ~ 6:30pm Private Party
Great Wall China Restaurant, Edina, MN
2/22/13 ~ 10am St. Paul Academy, MN
2/19/13 ~ 7pm Chino Latino
2/17/13 Chinese Senior Association
Hibachi Restaurant, MN
2/15/13 Great Room, Martin Luther Care Center, Bloomington, MN
2/15/13 Boston Scientific, Maple Grove Campus
2/15/13 @ 8am Elizabeth Hall Elementary
2/14/13 @ 5:30pm
Metro State Brooklyn Park
Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center
9110 Brooklyn Blv. Brooklyn Park MN
1st Floor Commons
2/13/13 @ 5:30pm
Metro State St. Paul Campus
700 E 7th Street, St Paul
Library-1st Floor
2/12/13@ 5:30pm
Metro State Midway Campus
1450 Energy Park Drive, St. Paul
2/11/13@ 5:30pm
Metro State Minneapolis Campus
College of Management
1300 Harmon Place, Minneapolis. 
2nd Floor Commons
2/10/13 U of MN, St. Paul Student Center
2/10/13 Peking Garden, MN
2/9/13 Chinese New Year, Chew Family Celebration
2/9/13 CAAM Chinese Language School
2/8/13 @ 6:30pm Midtown Global Market, Mpls.
Featured on Star Tribune
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10/20/12 Wedding, Day Block Event Center, Mpls
9/29/12 Plymouth Parade
8/17/12 Pan Asian Dance Competition-tentative
8/5/12-evening Wedding, Varsity Theater, Mpls., MN
7/15/12 Dragon Festival, Lake Phalen, MN
5/4/12 Target Corp., MN
4/16/12 @ ~11:30am ASA @ Century College
2/25/12 College of St. Benedict, MN
2/17/12 Malaysian night U of M Coffman
 St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church  
2/5/12 Chinese Senior Society Chinese New Year Party
2/4/12 CASA New Years, Great Hall, MN
2/3/12 Elizabeth Hall International Elementary School
1/29/12 @ ~4:30pm Family with Children from Asia (FCA)
FAIR School
3915 Adair Avenue North
Crystal, MN 55422
1/28/12 Wayzata Chinese New Year Private Party
1/28/12 CAAM Chinese Language School, MN
1/27/12 Asian Bistro, Woodbury, MN
1/25/12 @ ~6:30pm Chino Latino
2916 Hennepin avenue Mpls., MN
1/23/12 Boston Scientific, Arden Hills, MN
1/21/12 Minghua Chinese Language School
1/20/12 Hiawatha Leadership Academy, MN
1/20/12 St. Paul Academy, MN
12/7/11 RESOURCE Staff Recognition Event, Wilder Foundation, MN
10/28/11 De Lesalle High School, MN, Cultural Diversity Week
10/1/11 Engagement party, MN
9/12/11 @ 6:30pm Augustana Regent of Burnsville, MN
Chinese Dance, Lion and dance workshop
9/10/11 @ ~ 1pm U of MN, TCF Stadium, Mpls., MN
Gopher Home Opener
8/27/11 Tai Da Reunion, Sheraton, Bloomington
Chinese music and lion dance
8/16/11 Asian bistro, Woodbury, MN
Grand Opening
7/10/11 Dragon Festival, MN
5/31/11 Asian Affinity Group, Wilder Foundation, St. Paul, mn
5/20/11 @ ~ 11:30am Land O' Lakes, Shoreview, MN
Lion dance, Chinese dance, and workshop
5/12/11 @ ~11:30am Target Corp., MN
4/17/11 Passage to China
Mall of America, MN
4/15/11 @ 4pm Asian Cultural Celebration
Century College, White Bear Lake, MN
4/1/11 @ ~8:15pm Celebration of Nations
501 West College Drive, Brainerd, MN  56401
3/31/11 @ ~ 7pm North Heights Lutheran Church
 Arden Hills, MN
2/25/11 Wedding Banquet, Depot, Minneapolis, MN
2/12/11 Lion, Great Wall Restaurant, MN
2/12/11 @ ~ 6pm Lion & Shaolin Sword, CASA, U of MN
2/12/11 @ 11am Chinese Senior Society, Jun Bo, MN
Lion Dance
2/12/11 @ ~ 2pm Lion & Chinese Dance, St. Olaf, Northfield, MN
2/11/11 @ 12pm Lion Dance, Macalester College, MN
2/11/11 @ 10am Lion, Chinese dance, workshop, NE Middle School, Mpls., MN
2/11/11 @ 8am Lion, Chinese dance, workshop, Elizabeth Hall Elementary, Mpls., MN
2/5/11 @ 9:45am CAAM Chinese Language School
2/5/11 @ 3pm Chinese New Years Celebration, MN Chinese Cultural Service
2/4/11 St. Paul Academy, MN
Lion Dance
1/28/11 Boston Scientific, MN
1/27/11 @ 7pm Chino Latino, Mpls., MN
1/1/11 Celebrate 100 years ROC
12/11/10 White Bear Yacht Club, Holiday Celebration, Lion Dance
12/10/10 JT Mega, St. Louis Park, Chinese music, dance and Lion dance
11/20/10 Ha Family drumming in Minhua production
11/20/10 Chinese Dance, Shoreview, MN
11/16/10 AASU, Riverfalls, Wisconsin
11/13/10 25th MEDA GALA at Convention Center
11/5/10  Malaysian Night Event, U of M
10/8/10 Macalester Plymouth United Church, St. Paul, MN
10/3/10 Ritz Theater, Mao to Now, Goldstein Museum of Design, MN
8/21/10 Lion Dance, Birthday Party, Plymouth, MN
7/30/10 Chinese dance performance, Edina, MN
  7/10/10 -12:30 PM Dragon Festival, at Lake Phalen
6/19/10 ~5:20pm International Festival of Burnsville
Lion VideoRibbon Dance Video
6/19/10 International Cultural Event at Long Lake
5/30/10  Wedding, Nicollet Island, Mpls., MN
5/23/10 ~11:00 Passage to China, Mall of America, Sear's Court
4/22/10 Chinese Dance, Wayzata Festival of Nations, MN
3/19/10 Century College, St. Paul, MN
3/8/10 Gustavus College, St. Peter, MN
2/25/10 New Year Party, Wayzata, MN
2/20/10 St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
2/20/10 Chinese Senior Society, Bloomington, MN
2/19/10- ~7pm Midtown Global Market, Mpls., MN
2/19/10 School performances, Woodbury, MN
2/15/10- 8pm St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
2/13/10 CAAM Chinese Language School
2/12/10 School Performances, Woodbury, MN
2/12/10 Yinghua Academy, Mpls., MN
2/11/10- evening Fergus Falls, MN
2/7/10- 3pm MCCSC, St. Paul Student Center, MN
10/15/09 Shaw-Lundquist 35th year Anniversary
9/5/09 Birthday Party- Minneapolis, MN
8/1/09 Lion- Grand Opening Restaurant, MN
7/31/09 Lion- Wedding, Mpls., MN
7/25/09- 2pm Lion dance- Carifest, NE Mpls. MN
7/16/09 Chinese dance/cultural Performance, VA Hospital, MN
7/12/09 Dragon Festival Cultural Performance
7/9/09 Lion dance-
Lions Clubs International, Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN
7/7/09 Lion dance at Lions Clubs International Parade-
Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN
5/29/09 Lion Dance- Adoptsource fundraiser
5/28/09 BCBS-Chinese Dance
5/18/09 Lion dance- Grand Opening Restaurant, Fortune Cookie Mpls.
4/17/09- evening Chinese Dance- Wayzata High School Event
4/16/09 ~9:30pm Mpls./St. Paul International Film Festival (pdf)
Opening Night Gala, Bellanotte
4/5/09 ~12:40pm Mall of America- Passage To China (Click for youtube video)
Sears Rotunda
Photos (Kasten photography)
3/27/09- evening U of MN, SLB Cultural Celebration
 Coffman, Great Hall
3/11/09 St. Paul, Census Event
2/24/09 ~6:15pm Meadowbrook School, Golden Valley
2/19/09- 7:00pm Apple Valley Elementary School
2/6/09- 2:45pm Yinghua, Chinese Elementary School
2/5/09- 2:45pm Yinghua, Chinese Elementary School

2/3/09- ~6:30pm

St. Thomas (Lion and Chinese Dance)

2/2/09- ~8:00pm Chambers Luxury Art Hotel, Mpls, MN

2/1/09- 3pm

U of MN, St. Paul Student Center, Northstar Ballroom, Chinese Community event

1/31/09 Le Dung Singing Performance, California (jpeg)
1/30/09-8:00am Elizabeth Elementary School, Minneapolis
1/26/09- 7:00am Wayzata High School
1/24/09- 6:15pm U of MN, Great Hall, Coffman CASA
1/24/09-9:30am CAAM Chinese Language School, St. Paul, MN
12/11/08- 5:45pm Taste of Many Cultures Event
The Depot,  Mpls. MN
Ha Family Lion
10/6/08 MTS, Eden Prairie, MN
9/19/08 U of MN, Mpls., MN
Confucius Institute (WCCO video link @ 1:10-1:17 Ha Troupe)
Ha Family Lion (UMN photo slideshow link @ 38sec.lion)
8/17/08 Adoption celebration, Rochester, MN
8/8/08- 8pm New Asian Cuisine
Grand opening restaurant- Anoka
7/13/08 Dragon Festival- Phalen Park
6/7/08 Hsiao Anniversary and bday- Jun Bo
5/13/08- evening St. Paul, Nicollet Island Pavilion
Fashion Night
Ha Family Lion Dance
4/28/08- 12:00 & 5:00pm Performance- CSOM, U of MN
4/25/08- 6:30pm Metro State University
4/20/08- 11:30am Mankato Performance
3/13/08 Kid's performance- Mpls., MN
Ha Family Lion 
2/22/08- 7pm Cultural Celebration, Lion Dance- CMU, U of MN
2/16/08- 7pm U Garden- Mpls., MN
2/15/08 School Performance- Mpls., MN
2/9/08- 7:30pm Lion Dance K &K- Marriott Hotel- MN
2/9/08- 9:30am Chinese School Lion Dance- St. Paul, MN
2/8/08 1:30pm School Performance- St. Paul, MN
2/7/08- 5:30pm Le Dung Singing & Lion- Grand Opening Law Firm
2/7/08- 12noon Performance- Target Corp.
2/3/08- 3pm Chinese New Year Celebration, U of MN
1/31/08- 11:30am Performance- Best Buy
1/26- 7pm 1/27/08- 3pm St. Paul Winter Carnival, Landmark Center
Performance Pictures
1/26/08- 6pm Chinese New Year Celebration, U of MN
1/11/08- 12noon Lion Performance- Mpls., MN
12/31/07 Le Dung Singing, New Years Eve Celebration
12/7 & 12/8/07 Lion Dance- Christmas Gala, Mpls., MN

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