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Le Dung





Le Dung, a talented artist sings Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and many other Chinese dialects), Vietnamese and English.  She also plays the guitar and piano.

She has been busy singing throughout the U.S. with recent stops in Texas and the Minnesota State Fair.


Ha, Le Dung (Le Rong) was born with a love to sing, she has been singing for over 25 years.  She appreciates her parent's gift of voice.  Locally, Dung sings with Bjam, Midnight Blue, and Blues Dragon to name a few.  She also performs out of state; such as Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Missouri, Kansas, Texas with Ocean Band, Canada, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  In Vietnam she was a popular vocalist, with multiple shows a night; traveling to major cities by private jet.  She has been featured at the Metrodome, Target Center, MN State Fair, and Mystic Lake Casino.  She also enjoys painting and creating original music with friends.  Watch for these original tracks in her upcoming album.


Video of Le Dung singing the National Anthem at the Metrodome.


Most recently seen performing at:


St. Paul Winter Carnival

Rochester, MN

Twin Cities, MN

The Minnesota State Fair

Texas State

Iowa State



Le Dung performing at the Winter Carnival 2008 at the Landmark Center


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