Ha Family

Lion Dance Troupe

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The Ha Family Lion Troupe does a lively and exciting traditional lion dance with percussion. 

The beat of the drum, the exciting foot work, kung fu and acrobatics make this a one of a kind

lion performance.  The Ha Family Lion has performed at festivals, weddings, meetings,

new year celebrations and much more.  This lion is sure to liven up any event!


In addition to lion dance, we perform Chinese dance, hold cultural workshops, and have professional vocalists

who sing in various Chinese dialects, Vietnamese and English.


Ha Family Lion Dance Troupe Videos!

Burnsville International Festival Performance 2010:     Lion Dance Video

Mall of America, Passage to China- 2009 (Click to youtube video)

Note:  Some people may refer to the lion as a dragon, but they are different. 

A lion has two performers, one head and one tail.  A dragon is longer, usually held up by sticks with 8+ performers.


"The opening lion dance, which was "very traditional," Liu said, was a dramatic performance by the Ha family - complete with drums,

cymbals and acrobatic moves under a brightly colored lion costume."  ~ MN Daily 1/28/08


Quote from City pages on the Ha Family Lion Dance performance at CASA New Year, at the U of MN attended by ~500 people January 26, 2008.


Screw Times Square. The rhythmic maneuvers of the Lion Dance at the Chinese New Year celebration last night alone were enough to put Carson Daly to shame."  ~City Pages, Andy Mannix

Ha Family Group pix 2009

MOA Lion feeding

MOA lion 2009

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