About us

Ha Family Entertainment:

The driving beat of the Chinese drum is a lively, entertaining, definitive
part of Chinese New Year Celebrations and festival openers.

The high-spirited Ha Family not only performs the drum, daring lion dance,
traditional Chinese dance, but all sorts of entertainment including live
band, singing, and martial arts. Their goal is to build strong family values
and maintain cultural traditions by sharing their love of music

and dance with the community.


The Ha Family has performed at festivals, new year celebrations,

the state fair, weddings and much more!  To inquire about having

the Ha Family perform or teach cultural workshops (dance, arts and crafts)

at your next event please contact us!





Minnesota Midwest contact: HaFamilyTickets@gmail.com


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Note:  Some people may refer to the lion as a dragon dance, but they are different. 

A lion has two performers, one head and one tail.  A dragon is longer, usually held up by sticks with 8+ performers.